Company B   -   1st Regiment U.S.S.S.
(United States Sharp Shooters)

Sharpshooter Monument Pitzer's Woods, Gettysburg

Today's  Sharpshooters

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Welcome to one of the most interesting, enjoyable and educational hobbies of today, you will be honoring and paying tribute to the many brave men who fought for what they believed in, be it Union or Confederate. As a re-enactor you will not only show people how these men fought in battle, you will also bring their stories and hardships to life in Living History Programs. You will march in parades honoring these men long gone, and be one of the watchdogs in restoring and preserving the many monuments dedicated in their memory.
 As a member of Company "B", 1st Regiment, U.S. Sharpshooters, you will be participating in all of these activities and more (living history events, reenactments, annual dinners, group trips to historical sites, possibly even a wedding, etc.). Our membership prides themselves on a  common bond of friendship and camaraderie, both on and off the field.
  A brief history of our unique group.
 Organized in January 1986, consisting of members from all walks of life, all sharing a common interest, the American Civil War and the men who fought it. We strive to honor the men who fought and those whose lost their life, by bringing history to life. The founding members came from existing re-enactment units and wanted to portray something different, an elite unit, the U.S. Sharpshooter Regiment. From the very beginning it was decided to portray this unique and very misunderstood Regiment. Even today many people, both in and out of the re-enacting community, still do not understand the service these men performed. Our goal, is to educate everyone interested in learning about the Berdan Sharpshooters.
   Just like the original Sharpshooters, our members are geographically dispersed, coming  from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. At some of the larger events through the season, we have a chance to join with other Berdan Sharpshooter companies from across the country, meeting and making new friends with the same interest as ours.
    For Many years now, Company "B" has also been a member of a much larger organization called the United States Volunteers (U.S.V.). This organization unites many smaller groups into a brigade for all of the larger events we attend. Within the U.S.V. we  are designated as a rifle company assigned to Brigade Headquarters, falling under the direct command of the senior officer of the brigade. At most of these events, our unit is used as advance skirmishers or flankers for the brigade. (a very active and physically challenging chore).
    We also participate in non-spectator events called Tacticals, which may involve a multi-day running battle scenario. At these more hard-core events, the men must carry everything that they will need, allowing them to have a more realistic experience of how a Civil War soldier had to live from day to day.
   As I mentioned earlier, our unit prides itself on our bond of friendship & camaraderie, which extends to the families of our members.

Company B Command Staff 2014
L to R - Corporal Scott Simmons - Captain Ben Bosley -Color Guard Jeff Simmons - 1st Sgt Tom Feeney
Still interested in becoming a member.
   First, all prospective members must be willing to portray as authentically as possible, the common soldier of the Civil War. He must be over the age of sixteen years, and be  willing to outfit himself in the regulation uniform of the Berdan Sharpshooters, and be equipped with all of the accoutrements.
To become a Sharpshooter you must consider three elements
that are very important. They are Research, Time  and Money.
Research - The study of every fact and even the questionable information about the "Sharpshooters". Analyzing their fighting tactics, visiting the fields they fought over and camped on.
Time - You must give time to the hobby by active participation with your fellow Sharpshooters.

Assuming you are new to the hobby, the following items are needed to properly outfit yourself as a "Berdan Sharpshooter". You will be given adequate time to acquire these items, and many of our members will loan extra items to new members until they can obtain their own. Cost and quality varies, you should discuss with active members where to purchase the items needed.
E-Mail Co. B for more Information!
Co. B Staff
1st Sgt. Tom Feeney - Capt. Ben Bosley

Adjutant/1st Sgt. - Commander/Captain 
Co. B - 1st Regt. - U.S. Sharpshooters

Minimum needed to take to the field:

          Forage Cap - green wool
Frockcoat w/black buttons - green wool
Trouser - green or sky blue
Brogans - 1860 shoes
Shirt - 1860 style
Suspenders - 1860 style
Waist Belt - model 1855 w/ US buckle
Cartridge Box - m/1855 .58 cal. w/tins
Cap Box - model 1855
Canteen - tin or stainless steel
Eating Utensils - tin cup, plate, knife, fork, spoon
Haversack - tarred canvas
Blanket - regulation wool
Poncho/Gum Blanket - rubber blanket
Sharps Rifle - 3 band military m/1859 with doubleset triggers
     Unique  Sharpshooter items that can be acquired  as time and money permits:
Gaiters - brown leather knee high leggings
Mess Kit - sharpshooter style
Sharpshooter Backpack - hair covered calfskin
Sharps Cartridge Box - with wooden inserts

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