Group of enlisted men with colt rifles, Co. F  2nd Regt. U.S. Sharpshooters

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Photo Credit: Richard Woodbury at USAMHI.

A Group of 8 Enlisted Men of Co. F, 2nd Regt., U.S. Sharpshooters. They are in front of a private residence with other soldiers standing near by. This photo was taken before June 18, 1862. They are identified as: Pvt. Charles R. Applin, Pvt. Isaac H. Farnum, Sgt. Horace Caldwell, Pvt. Amos S. Abbott, Pvt. William C. Beard, Pvt. William Spead, Pvt. Leonard Spead, Pvt. Cyrus R. Farnum. Examples of Model 1855 Colt Root Percussion revolving rifles and canvas sport shoes.

Bummer's of Company B

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James A. Byers - John H. White - Fred H. Johnson - Mat Morgan

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Chauncey B. Maltby  -  Co. B 2nd U.S.S.S
note green frockcoat, skyblue pants, leather leggings, colt revolving rifle

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California Joe / Truman Head - purchased his own Sharps rifle prior to any being issued.