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2022 Events (Tentative)
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USV The Annual USV Brigade Business Meeting and dinner dance will be held January 22, Gettysburg Hotel, Gettysburg, PA.
USV/ANV "Seven Days"
The Seven Days Battle-Gaines Mill/Frayer’s Farm
20100 Reckley Lane, Old Town MD 21555

Saturday battle is a part of the Gaines Mill battle, fought on June 27, 1862. A P Hill and Stonewall Jackson attacks against General George Morell’s division of the V Corps. After repeated Confederate attacks, they will finally breakthrough the Federal line and cause them to retreat.
Sunday we will be part of the battle of Frayers’s Farm or Glendale. This battle would place parts of Longstreet’s division and AP Hill division
against General George McCall division and reinforcements from the II Corps and the VI Corps. The battlewas a back and forth affair that ended in a stalemate.

160th Battle Anniversary

Middletown Virginia
158th Anniversary Cedar Creek: In the fall of 1864, in the Shenandoah Valley, Maj. Gen. Jubal A. Early had been unsuccessful in slowing Maj. Gen. Phil Sheridan since the recent Union victories at Third Winchester, Fisher's Hill and Tom's Brook. By mid-October, Early was determined to strike Sheridan’s army in their camps along the east bank of Cedar Creek. Early executed a surprise attack early on October 19 and drove three Union corps from the field. As Early paused to reorganize, Sheridan arrived after a dramatic ride from Winchester in time to rally his troops and launch a crushing counterattack, from which Early’s forces could not recover. Sheridan’s victory at Cedar Creek extinguished any hope of further Confederate offensives in the Valley, and was one of the Union victories in late 1864 that helped ensure President Abraham Lincoln's reelection that November.

Gettysburg PA

Parade and Meeting:   Remembrance Day Parade & Ceremony. Company meeting, TBA